Nursery, Pre-school and Sunday School Classes

• Grades K-6
Christian Education: Grades 7 & 8
Junior Youth Group
Senior Mission Trips
Confirmation Classes for High School Age

The crib room is available every Sunday beginning at 9:45 a.m. Sunday School is offered every Sunday except those Sunday's indicated at Family Worship. Beginning at 10 AM, families worship together in the sanctuary until after the children story, at which time teachers and students move to their individual classrooms. Children in the Nursery through 2nd grade must be retrieved by a parent at the end of the church service from their classroom. Students in the upper grades meet their families in the social hall for refreshments and fellowship. 

The Sunday School Program starts the second week (Rally Day) of September and concludes on Children Sunday in June. A collection is taken from the children during Sunday school and is used to support part of the expenses of the program. The third grade children receive their Bible and take first communion at the same service scheduled in the spring. Young people in ninth grade may elect to be confirmed into the church at that time. 

Jr. Youth Group - Grades 6-8

The Jr. Youth Group at the First Church of Sutton is for anyone who is in 6th - 8th grade.  We do mean anyone....the children of members, friends, cousins and anyone young person in our community at large looking for a place to hang on Friday nights.  Our group is on its 7th season since being re-established at our church.  It's amazing how the kids, parents and the congregation have supported us over these last 6 years! 

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